Safe Rooms

Safe Rooms

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Triple M Storm Shelters LLC located in Azle, TX north of Fort Worth, TX custom designs, engineers, and manufactures top quality and durable safe rooms for natural disasters and beyond. You can choose from a wide range of shelters and rooms easily installed for residential or commercial settings. Protecting your family from deadly disasters and home intrusion is a must because insurance can't replace a family member after all.

For the latest pricing list of storm shelters and safe rooms, here is the detailed chart inclusive of the cost, installation fees, and accessories:

Above Ground Storm Shelters -- This category of shelter or safe room with item #A10DV and #A2INDV has a measurement of 4'x4' with door out and door in features. The products are complete with carpeted bench seat, vents and with vein-gray shades. The unit price starts at $4,150.00 raw metal. Much bigger units with 4'x6 and 4'x8' measurements range from $5,450.00 to $6,250.00 respectively.

Other Pricing Rates --For the installation of safe rooms and shelters, interior installation fee starts at $500 while exterior installation fee with rock charge is determined upon consultation. Color change of shelters or rooms from standard vein-gray starts at $800. There are also other charges for the touch light, deadbolt with casing for doors and additional seating.

Triple M Storm Shelters LLC manufactures world-class and top-rated safe rooms for Fort Worth, TX and surrounding Texas based homes or businesses. You can choose from a wide range of products based on the pricing chart that best fits your available budget. Email now for more details.